Desert landscapes take full advantage of our local, limited water resources without sacrificing beauty – even flowers and greenery are possible to enjoy in this type of design with a little planning and imagination. Natural, or cultivated, desert plantings require a balanced approach with regard to water usage, sun exposure vs. shade, and soil composition. Sonoran desert landscaping may be a “natural” environment, but it has specific requirements that cannot be ignored without consequence to the overall health of the system.

Our designers are well versed in ground-related issues and know how to successfully encourage a desert planting to thrive. Cacti, sage, lantana, and various palm varieties are standard plants, but there are countless others to consider. For young families, flowering groundcover may be a better choice than cacti and rock. For pool owners, deciduous trees and bushes need to be strategically located to avoid leaves in the pool. Our designers take detailed notes on your requirements and plan according to your needs. While the desert landscape may be the “norm” in the valley, we bring a sense of elegance and taste that is anything but typical.


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